Childless, but not by choice

A hopeful beginning

The greatest regret of my life is that I never had children. I am 51 years old, single, with a niece and two nephews, a dog, the memory of an abortion at age 23, and regret that I didn’t do more or know more about my options for having a family.

Feeling the clock ticking

As the years passed, I knew I was clearly in danger of missing my window of opportunity to have at least ONE baby.

Left with questions

Ten years later, I’m 51. I’ve learned about surrogacy and in vitro fertilization, and I’m clear that there were options available that no one, not even my ob-gyn, had chosen to discuss with me. But why? Why wouldn’t she make the attempt to tell me about my reproductive options? A single woman who, at 41 years old, is mature, responsible, and asking about fertility deserves some answers! I was nearing the end of the line for having kids, literally dancing on the line, and she blew it off.



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